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"also yeah, hiko, i may be a bully, but at least i have my stuff all together! what are you? a sad, empty shell of a man who can only mourn his sister and refuse to deal with his crippling trauma head on!"

Rantaro, being a fucking bitch

Rantaro Amami, formerly known as Yokutaro Kuzuryu, is a character in the Kyokoverse. His Ultimate title differs from canon, being that of the Ultimate Fast Food Worker. Despite the fact he is no longer in high school, he is still known and called by this title.

He is a former member of the Kuzuryu clan, having had his ties severed after a botched attempt to murder the heir, Fuyuhiko, which lead to the death of Rantaro's cousin Natsumi. He was also the mind behind the Unforeseeable Fate of Old Kork City, therefore being Korekiyo Shinguji's sworn nemesis.

During the Camp Wiyog arc, he works as a counselor, overseeing one of the cabins and tormenting his victims. In New Kork City, where he is not allowed to enter due to his past deeds, he has adopted the moniker of "Britaro" and become British. Looking at him directly in the eyes will cause one to catch the British Disease.


He retains exactly the same design from canon, which is described in his wiki page. The main difference is that he has a few scars scattered around his face and body. He is also known to sport a full-body tattoo, due to his yakuza nature, though it stops at his sleeves, so as to allow him to wear T-shirts and not expose his tattoo.

Under the identity of Yokutaro Kuzuryu, he wore a black fedora adorned with a light brown band and a marine blue symbol, as well as a dark blue suit with that same symbol on its left arm, a striped black and light blue vest, a light brown scarf, and a white undershirt.


Rantaro's Kyokoverse personality before Roadchip was basically that of a customer service worker, not saying much and just sticking to standard procedure. However, during the Le arc, he appeared once again to serve the group, and his true colors were shown.

He is mostly nonchalant and condescending, and keeps a polite façade while dishing out deep cuts and personal attacks to mostly everyone, but especially his former yakuza comrades — that is, the already cited Fuyuhiko and Korekiyo, as well as Peko Pekoyama. He doesn't seem to mind the fact that all his attempts to harm those first two failed, instead cracking jokes about his deeds and claiming they were fun to him.

Rantaro is also well aware of everyone's trigger words, ranging from "tanuki" to "swag ass" to British slang, and canonically refers to himself as a "hate sink", which is a trope about characters who are conceived with the specific purpose of being universally hated, both in and out of universe.

However, his tough act can only be put on when he has power on his side. During all of his scenes, he invokes the protection of the Button Presser, so that she can shield both him and his establishments from all sort of harm, using Fuyuhiko's well-being as a bargaining chip, because he's the only character she has full control of besides Rantaro himself. The deal comes with a twist, as Rantaro isn't allowed to resort to violence either. Once his protection fades, he runs away with his tail between his legs, like a high school bully.


It is yet to be expanded on, but Rantaro, under the identity of Yokutaro Kuzuryu, was the mind behind both the assassination attempt on Fuyuhiko that ended up taking Natsumi's life, and the (in)complete annihilation of Kork City and its inhabitants. Both of these were carried out as grabs for power within the Kuzuryu clan, and ended up failing.

The Kork City incident was successfully covered up, and kept in the dark for a long time, but the murder of Natsumi was judged by the Kuzuryu clan, which deemed that death wasn't enough for Yokutaro: he was sentenced to the much worse fate of working in customer service for life, as atonement for his crimes. He was also disowned from the clan, and adopted the moniker of Rantaro Amami. He considers that seeing Fuyuhiko and Korekiyo alive and going to the fast-food chains he works at is part of his punishment.


Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu[]

Rantaro has always been jealous of his younger cousin's high ranking among the yakuza, considering the latter doesn't deserve the title and thinking of himself as much stronger. This made a feeling of greed overcome him, and he tried to murder Fuyuhiko as a grab for power, in an attempt to ascertain himself. However, due to the incompetence of the hitman he hired, the one who wound up dead was the heir's little sister, Natsumi. This botched assassination attempt directly led to Rantaro's current predicament as a customer service worker, and he harbors more resentment for Fuyuhiko than ever.

In his life as the Ultimate Fast-Food Worker, Rantaro is especially condescending and hurtful towards Fuyuhiko, going to the lengths of referring to him by the nickname "Hiko", perfectly aware that it's the pet name given to Fuyuhiko by his boyfriend Kiyotaka Ishimaru, in a display of mockery. This goes to such lengths that, for the welcome feast of Camp Wiyog, Rantaro, who was hired by the Button Presser as a camp counselor, made sure all of the food served was milk-based, so that Fuyuhiko, who is lactose intolerant, was barred from eating.

Korekiyo Shinguji[]

They both deeply hate each other, mostly masking it with false politeness. Korekiyo hates Rantaro for the genocide carried out against the Korks of Kork City, and Rantaro hates Korekiyo for surviving it.

Peko Pekoyama[]

Rantaro repeatedly and condescendingly refers to Peko as "the tool", doing so less as a personal attack, as he knows she does not contest the definition, and more as a way to anger Fuyuhiko.

Natsumi Kuzuryu[]

Rantaro's feelings about her death are ambiguous. She was not the intended target, and so her death marks failure for him; on the other hand, he expresses great contempt towards her, referring to her as a "little bitch [that] was annoying as hell to anyone who wasn't the big bro she sucked up to".

Ouma Kokichi (Oumie)[]

As Oumie does not care for Fuyuhiko's well-being at all, he is the spanner in the works for the agreement between Rantaro and the Button Presser, and will absolutely attack Rantaro if prompted. As an act of mercy towards Fuyuhiko, the Button Presser cancelled her protection to Rantaro when Oumie started attacking him.

Akane Owari[]

She is the only person Rantaro refrains from badmouthing, despite disliking her as he does everyone in the party. This is due to the fact that his direct superior, the Button Presser, is, in his words, "a sucker for [Akane]".

Kazuichi Souda[]

They have known each other since school years, and thus Rantaro knows about Kazuichi's past as a nerdy, sheltered child. In their first interaction in the present of Kyokoverse, Rantaro mocked Kazuichi's new look, "for old times' sake", and called him a pushover, just before slapping him across the face gratuitously and fading out of view.

The Button Presser[]

They are bound together by a contract, the validity of which depends on the Button Presser's whim. In it, Rantaro and the establishments he works at are completely protected from any sort of violence or property damage, with Fuyuhiko's life used as a bargaining chip. Despite their agreement, the Button Presser seems to dislike Rantaro: after allowing the group to beat him up, ze gifted them with a plushie of him once he ran away, which ze referred to as a "punching bag".

British Junko[]

Rantaro is British Junko's boyfriend. He calls her "Jun-kins" and she calls him "Yoku-chan". They like each other very much and frequently engage in mischief together. Once Corn thought they were the only straight couple to ever exist.

Yuta Asahina[]

The only teenager Rantaro respects, because he's already been through too much, poor guy. Yuta was taken in as a fellow food services member after he came back to life in the last leg of the New Kork City arc, and Rantaro is very proud of him. He has gone to the lengths of installing Fortnite in their workplace's smart fridge so Yuta can get his gaming on.


  • His birth name of Yokutaro literally means "greedy eldest son", a reference to how his acts of violence as a yakuza member were done under the guise of obtaining power.
  • His personality from Taco Bell and Roadchip onwards was cemented by someone who hadn't experienced V3 and was clueless as to how Rantaro canonically behaves.
  • There actually is an Ultimate Talent Development Plan between Rantaro and Fuyuhiko about their siblings, in which Rantaro tells Fuyuhiko that he should cherish Natsumi.
  • He is cishet and that explains a lot.
  • He can teleport.